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Stone / Marble / Floor Cleaning and Waxing

Stone / Marble and Metal fishing

Restore, repair, polish

Stone and metal surfaces

Floors, walls, stairs, bathrooms, lobbies, counters, vanities, fireplaces

Hardest of granites to the softest of marbles

Synthetic and faux materials

Copper, steel, aluminum, gold, pewter, silver, and other metals

Polish, hone, and clean stone, removing stains and etches

Repair and patching chips and cracks in the surface of the stone

Polish elevator doors and button panels

Floor Stripping and Waxing

By using our services regularly, you’ll greatly improve the appearance of your floors for customers and employees, and may even decrease the time and costs of regular cleaning to reduce long-term costs.

Complete floor stripping, refinishing, sealing, and waxing

Refinish vinyl, linoleum, hardwood, marble, granite, and other stone floors