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Annadelle Spotless offers a wide range of general services, including cleaning and maintenance services for your space. Please explore our website to see how our expertise can help make your life easier. The sky's the limit!

Our Services

  • paintingoffice


    Our #1 goal is to make every office we work on look as beautiful as possible. We understand that we’re working on your most valuable asset and will work to help you understand every detail of the project.

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    Cleaning Services

    Expert cleaning services that meet every need.
    Annadelle Spotless offers a wide range of cleaning and maintenance services for your office.

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    Stone / Marble / Floor Cleaning and Waxing

    Restore, repair, polish Stone and metal surfaces, Floors, walls, stairs, bathrooms, lobbies, counters, vanities, fireplaces.

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    Building Maintenance Services

    No handyman on staff? No problem. Annadelle Spotless offers a Handyman-to go service!

  • Pest-Control-3


    Extermination and preventative control of roaches and rodents

  • Office-Furniture-Installations-Brighton-and-Hove-Sussex

    Furniture Installation

    We can help you set up an office efficiently by moving furniture into a space quickly and assembling it for you when necessary.

  • recycling-cart

    Paper / Plastic / Metal / Glass Recycling

    Paper Recycling White, colored or glossy paper (staples included) Mail and envelopes (windows envelope allowed) Paper bags Cardboard trays or cartons Newspaper, magazines, soft cover books, and catalogs Corugated cardboard (flattened boxes) Plastic / Metal / Glass Recycling Metal cans Aluminum foil and trays Glass bottles and jars Plastic bottle

  • paper-recycling

    Trash Collection and Removal

    Waste collected from the premises will be carted to pre-designated area to be removed by your building’s rubbish removal service.

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    computer and A/C cleaning Computer Cleaning

    Computer Safe, effective cleaning of CRT screens A/C Clean air conditioner vents

  • glass-cleaning

    Glass cleaning

    Clean all glass table surfaces.
    Spot clean all glass walls and doors to remove finger smudges.

  • Carpetcleaning

    Floor Cleaning and Carpet Care

    Floor care Sweep nightly Mop weekly Carpet care Vacuum nightly

  • sink

    Lavatory Supply Maintenance

    Provide, install, and stock paper towels, toilet tissue, liquid soap, and toilet seat covers. Maintain wall-mounted air fresheners, replacing batteries and cartridges.

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    Food Garbage

    Removal of all food items, Soiled paper, including cups and plates any plastic items other than plastic bottles and jugs .

  • kitchencleaning

    Kitchen Cleaning

    Clean and maintain kitchen area {sink, counter, cabinet surfaces, appliances}. Daily and Weekly cleaning are available.


    Office Cleaning and Maintenance

    Office cleaning and maintenance that keeps your business running smoothly
    See how we can take care of your cleaning and maintenance needs.
    In New York City and the tri-state area.


Annadelle Spotless... is unique, it's a family base company and we go out beyond for our client/customer in any project. We get it done through their satisfaction.

Yes, we are bonded and insured. Also, we are cetified with the City, State and federal.

If something get broken in your office by any of out crew member, we will repair or replace it.

Annadelle Spotless ensures that our staffs and crew members are properly trained before going out in the fields to work.

Here is how it actually works


What clients have to say

Our legal offices are located in Mid-Town New York on Madison Ave. Gregory Victorin. The Owner of Annadelle Spotless Cleaning Services, has been providing our Firm with excellent professional cleaning and office maintenance services for the past six years.

Gregory is always eager to offer valuable solution when confronted with unusual or demanding maintenance requirements and always meets our needs in very timely manner. He is very reasonable and reliable service provider who is well-liked by our management and staff.

I highly recommend Mr. Victorin for his ability to provide high quality professional and maintenance services on a consistent basis!

Robert D. William Executive Director Perlman & Perlman ATTORNEYS AT LAW

Our company has been using Annadelle for over a year and we’re extremely satisfied with their services. Their responsibilities have included office cleaning and maintenance, preventative extermination, and routine repairs.

We find the Annadelle team to be exceptionally hardworking, dedicated, reliable, and professional. They brought an outstanding level of professionalism to the job.

Christa Baird Operations Coordinator

Annadelle Spotless Cleaning Services came recommended from a colleague that uses the services on a regular basis. They were described as being able to do it all who perfect for our needs. As a company that hosts many onsite client meetings and events, we need work done quickly and done well.

The first job was quoted on a Friday; they came in on a Saturday, painted a few conference rooms and re-aligned our modular carpet squares (it's been over a year and they have yet to shift in the slightest) and on Monday morning everything looked a brighter and better.

We've been calling Annadelle since October 2009 and couldn't recommend them more.

Elizabeth Crockett Office Manager and HR Coordinator Control Group Inc.

Thank you, Annadelle Spotless! When I moved into my new apartment, I needed to hang artwork, dividers, curtains, and kitchen storage but couldn't do it all myself. Thankfully, Annadelle Spotless was there to help me get the installations done right. Gregory was so helpful that when we realized we were missing a part to complete the work, he even drove me to the store to pick it up. This hardworking company goes above and beyond when you need any type of household help and I would gladly employ them again.

Vanessa Fenn Senior Copywriter Harrison & Star

I've known Gregory for almost 20 years and find him quite exceptional in all that he does. He's a hard working individual and a true family man who puts others before himself. He believes in a job well done and people trust him to do the job. I've personally witnessed his accomplishments and am willing to recommend him to anyone in need of his talents.

Linton Andre Associate Studio Manager BrandPharm Advertising

Money Back Guaranteed

We want to make sure every customer is completely happy with their cleaning. That’s why we offer a Re-Cleaning Guarantee. If you are ever dissatisfied with your cleaning, all you have to do is let your Sportless office know within 24 hours of your service, and we’ll re-clean at no additional charge.

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